Saturday, 19 April 2008


Hi People

This blog is to highlight the next series of videos put up on youtube. They show various parks in Cardiff and how they might be changed in order to provide free food, for either visitors to parks or in the urban landscape so that the people can enjoy free food, rather than having to buy it. Nuts ain't cheap yet they are full of goodness. So why pay growers when they can be everywhere???????????

Maybe that's a conspiracy that is yet to be unveild. Why have we allowed food production to be cornered by farmers rather than having alot of it in our urban landscape. Oh fruit trees make a mess is that the arguement, or was it thoughtlessly done, or were they types of trees and berry bushes that I am talking about deliberately kept to farmers, rather than free to all????????

The way I view things now is that it was done deliberatly to corner supply. But hopefully these videos will prompt the debate, that along with a sea change in attitude by our local councils and what they could do to be a little moreself financing.

Here then are the video listings I hope that you enjoy and consider the potential. I am sure that certain self interest groups would no-doubt spring up to oppose it but then the majority might say well lets give it a go shal we.

Heath Park
Killer Ivy
Oakes nursery
Roath Park the Lake the lighthouse
Roath Park the lake 2
Roath Park the rose garden
Roath Park the conservatory
Roath Park the conservatory 2
Roath Park the conservatory 3
Roath Park the rose garden 2
Roath Park the sports area

Gabalfa estate cardiff free food
Gabalfa estate the Avenue
Gabalfa estate the school

The Taff Trail eat as you go
Free feed for the pontcanna stables
Strawberry banks forever
Free Horse manure free horse riding
Pontcanna riding school elitist
Walkways for the Mums Mr. Berman
Blackweir one year later
Intersting developments in Bute Park
Bute Park plants for sale

Well that is the list hope some of the ideas provoke the debate, and maybe well have an all round education for children one of the skill being everyone knows how to grow stuff for a start and they eat their own produce.

All the Best People in this instance is free foood for all.

Love n Light from Crazydave